pH-Spectrum of

recorded by Dr. G. Mermigidis


System S/B - (2.3 g/L Sheep/Bovine Albumin (Fraction V Powder) / dist. water),
System (S/B+AS) - (2.3 g/L Sheep/Bovine Albumin + 0.3 ml antibody to Sheep whole Serum / dist. water),
System AS - (0.3 ml antibody to Sheep whole Serum (Liquid, Host Animal Rabbit) / dist. water)



System S/B: At a pH-value below 4 and above 11 the decomposition of Sheep/Bovine Albumin begins.
System AS: At a pH-value below 3 and above 10 the decomposition of the antibody to Sheep whole Serum begins.


System (S/B+AS): The antigen-antibody-complex forms in the acid pH-area below pH 7/5.3, where the RNH3+ group is not deprotonated.

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