The Theoprax-Method:

A new Way to use Conductivity
Measurement in Analytical Chemistry

Dear Scientist, did you know the optimum pH-value of your reaction?

The pH-value of the solution is an essential parameter of your reaction rate and the right pH-value is vital for a high-yield.
A pH-spectrum helps you to find out the right pH-value for your reaction. So far you have been able to record

- IR-spectra
- NMR-spectra
- UV-spectra and so on,

now with the Theoprax-Software you can record  pH-spectra to study the interaction between
different molecules in dependence on the degree of dissociation of their functional groups!
pH-spectrum of Trypsin-soybean-inhibitor 

Enzyme-inhibitor-complex: System (IS+T) = 72 mg soybean inhibitor + 120 mg Trypsin
Enzyme-substrate-complex/catabolism of gelatin: System (G+T)  = 0.2 % gelatin solution + 20 mg Trypsin
50% Enzyme inhibition: System (0.5 IS+T)` = 0.2% gelatin solution + 6 mg soybean inhibitor + 20 mg Trypsin
pH-activity curve of the enzyme: System (G+T)`  = 0.4% gelatin solution + 20 mg Trypsin

The last publications:
English: GIT Lab. J. 1, 33 (1999), German: GIT Fachz. Lab. 1, 36 (1999)

If you like, to improve your yield the Theoprax-Research will record pH-spectra of individual
reactants or we will help you to install a fully automatic Theoprax measuring unit at your place.
In a seminar, your employees can learn how to use this new measuring method.

More information, Research Report (PDF), Cordis Online Abstract (Record Control Number: 30163)

Use our free pH-spectra Database and check the pH behaviour of your samples.

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